Our Menu

Our menu is carefully considered by our chef. Each dish has been made with warm heart and great sense of taste. Menus can also be ordered separately.  

Chef's fish menu 56€

Fried green asparagus L,G

-hollandaise sauce and crispy serrano

Mozzarella filled aranchini L,G

-Tomato-basil salsa

Pike perch fried in horseradish butter L,G

-dill coated young potatoes, fried carrots and lentil stew

Blueberry pancake L

-Vanilla ice cream and maple syrup

Chef's meat menu 59€

Lamb tataki L,G

-vermicelli salad and wasabi mayonnaise

Morel cappuccino L

-malt bread sticks

Roasted whole beef tenderloin L,G

-butternut squash puree, potato wedges, green asparagus and creamy pepper sauce

Chocolate fondant L

-raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries

Chef's vegetarian menu 42€

Fried green asparagus L,G

-hollandaise sauce

Butternut squash cappuccino L

-croutons and sun-dried tomatoes

Vegetarian moussaka L,G

-crumbled feta and pesto

Marinated fruits and mango sorbet M,G