Our Menu

Our menu is carefully considered by our chef. Each dish has been made with warm heart and great sense of taste. Menus can also be ordered separately.  

Matador's menu 51 €

Nautilus tapas plate

    - Shrimp in chili-garlic butter, vendace cooked tomatosauce. grilled red pepper, olive tapanade and roasted bread

Matador's steak

    - 200g Beef tenderloin steak, patatas bravas, romesco sauce, grilled zuccini and red onion.

Crema Catalana

- Brule seasoned with orange and marinated fruits

Sisilian menu 44 €

Arancini con salmone

- Risotto balls filled with smoked salmon and tomato basil sauce

Palermo trout

- Trout crusted with parmesan and almonds, red pesto, creamed spinach and fried root vegetable chips.

Pannacotta rabarbaro

- Vanilja pudding, rhubarb soup and pistachio brittle

Lappland menu 45 €

Reindeer herders soup

- Morel soup with Lappland flat bread

Lappland roast

- Reindeer roast, potato pure, redwine sauce seasoned with juniper berries, oven roasted carrots and beets

Lappland delicacy

- Warm traditional cheese, cloudberry jam and cranberry oat cookie

Lake Saimaa menu 47€

Nestori's fish plate

- Graved whitefish roll filled with smoked whitefish mousse, cold smoked pike tartar, rye bread, pickled cucumber, radish and carrots

Nautilus pike-perch

- Pike-perch fried in horse radish butter, tsatsiki, seasonal potatoes with dill, grilled green asparagus and mini carrots

Lakeside crepes

- Crepes with marinated strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Asian style vegetable menu 32€

Onion bhaji

- Deep fried onion rolls and mint and cucumber raita

Tofu delight

- Smoked tofu, vegetable and bulgur hash, grilled zuccini and tomato coriander sauce


- Yoghurt drink seasoned with mango and mint